Hi guys, I know it’s been a while. I’ve been so busy with my new job and a bunch of other newness in my life that I fell behind. Forgive me?

Have you ever heard the song “I Get Out” by Lauryn Hill? Her “Unplugged” album is unarguably the best album of my generation. Hence, I said MY generation. Here are the lyrics:

“I Get Out”
I get out, I get out of all your boxes
I get out, you can’t hold me in these chains
I’ll get out
Father free me from this bondage
Knowin’ my condition
Is the reason I must change
[Verse 1] Your stinkin’ resolution
Is no type of solution
Preventin’ me from freedom
Maintainin’ your pollution
I won’t support your lie no more
I won’t even try no more
If I have to die, oh Lord
That’s how I choose to live
I won’t be compromised no more
I can’t be victimized no more
I just don’t sympathize no more
Cause now I understand
You just wanna use me
You say “love” then abuse me
You never thought you’d loose me
But how quickly we forget
That nothin’ is for certain
You thought I’d stay here hurtin’
Your guilt trip’s just not workin’
Repressin’ me to death
Cause now I’m choosin’ life, yo
I take the sacrifice, yo
If everything must go, then go
That’s how I choose to live
No more compromises
I see past your disguises
Blindin’ through mind control
Stealin’ my eternal soul
Appealin’ through material
To keep me as your slave
[Singing Chorus] But I get out
Oh, I get out of all your boxes
I get out
Oh, you can’t hold me in these chains
I’ll get out
Oh, I want out of social bondage
Knowin’ my condition
Oh, is the reason I must change
[Singing Verse 2] See, what you see is what you get
Oh, and you ain’t seen nothin’ yet
Oh, I don’t care if you’re upset
I could care less if you’re upset
See it don’t change the truth
And your hurt feeling’s no excuse
To keep me in this box
Psychological locks
Repressin’ true expression
Cementin’ this repression
Promotin’ mass deception
So that no one can be healed
I don’t respect your system
I won’t protect your system
When you talk I don’t listen
Oh, let my Father’s will be done
[Singing Chorus] And just get out
Oh, just get out of all these bondage
Just get out
Oh, you can’t hold me in chains
Just get out
All these traditions killin’ freedom
Knowin’ my condition
Is the reason I must change
[Singing Verse 3] I’ve just accepted what you said
Keepin’ me among the dead
The only way to know
Is to walk then learn and grow
But faith is not your speed
Oh, you’ve had everyone believed
That you’re the sole authority
Just follow the majority
Afraid to face reality
The system is a joke
Oh, you’d be smart to save your soul
Oh, when escape is mind control
You spent your life in sacrifice
To a system for the dead
Oh, are you sure…
Where is the passion in this living
Are you sure it’s God you servin’
Obligated to a system
Getting less then you’re deserving
Who made up these schools, I say
Who made up these rules, I say
Animal conditioning
Oh, just to keep us as a slave
[Singing Chorus] Oh, just get out
Of this social purgatory
Just get out
All these traditions are a lie
Just get out
Superstition killing freedom
Knowin’ my condition
Is the reason I must die
Just get out
Just get out
Just get out
Let’s get out
Let’s get out
Knowin’ my condition
Is the reason I must die
Just get out


That album has gotten me through some of the toughest times growing up, especially my father’s passing when I was 21. It helped me heal through a lot of issues I had. Anyway, this song specifically came to mind when I was thinking and praying on about the topic for this post. As a Christian, a woman, and a mom, and specifically a Christian woman, there’s a lot of stipulation sometime on how I should behave, dress, feel, think, and act or not react. If Christ was never in a box (He was in a tomb and even that couldn’t hold him down) I am wondering why people think its okay to put others in a box, aka, your limits. I have never been the type to play by what society said I should be. By society’s standards (and “statistics”) because I come from a long generational line of single mothers, I was predestined (according to society) to be a failure. YHWH obviously had a different plan. Since birth, by the grace of YHWH, I’ve been defying statistics. I am not your typical “Christian”. Yes, I have tattoos, yes I show my midriff (sometimes), and yes I have fun. No, I do not live my life according to religion. My goal here on earth is to win the lost. Isn’t that what Yahshua did? Often times, we get so worried about what other people think of us that we forget that the only opinion that matters is that of the Father. I have always been different. I never quite fit in anywhere. I was awkward, too cool, too nerdy, too this, too that. The religious folks think I’m too liberal and the liberal folks I don’t agree with LOL. So where do I belong? That’s the thing. YHWH called us to be His body, right. But that doesn’t mean everyone will have the same opinions and convictions. My relationship with Christ will definitely be different than the next persons. I read the Word and allow it to mold me, transform me, and complete me. In doing this, I can only pray that in the process I gain more grace so I can perform the works that Elohim has called me for. I encounter a lot of theology bible thumping folks that know a whole lot of Word but have no relationship with the Holy Spirit. This is dangerous. Dangerous because there is no waiting for movement from the Holy Spirit. Only throwing, what I like to call, “scripture shade”. It is when someone thinks they can pervert scripture in order to make another human feel inferior than them. We all know a few people who do this. If you are one of these people and you are reading this.. Please, just stop. It cannot benefit anyone.

Let’s take the way I dress, for example. Yes, I know what the bible says about modesty. Does showing midriff make me any less modest than the next Christian woman wearing a tight revealing dress who is not showing her midriff? No. The reason being, I was called to win the LOST. Not conform to someone else’s perception of what it is to be “Christian” or a woman, in general, for that matter.


“You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt should lose its taste, how can it be made salty? It’s no longer good for anything but to be thrown out and trampled on by men. “You are the light of the world. A city situated on a hill cannot be hidden. No one lights a lamp and puts it under a basket, but rather on a lampstand, and it gives light for all who are in the house. In the same way, let your light shine before men, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father in heaven.” – Matthew 5:13


YHWH didn’t call me to be a wallflower. What He did call me for was to be bold in truth. To be unashamed. To be unapologetical in my walk for Him. To be the woman He called me to be. I’ve learned in this life you will always be too much of something for some one.  I am far from perfect but I am sure that by now, my transparency has gotten your attention some way, some how. I am here to show women who are in my path, that we can accomplish ALL things through Christ when and because He is the source of our strength. If I can do it (whatever IT is) – you can surely do it too. I have never let anyone tell me I cannot accomplish what I set my focus on.  I believe it’s so important as women for us to know just how precious we are to YHWH. He has given most of the women I know such unbelievably HUGE callings. As humans it’s normal to allow fear to set in. But, we don’t have that kinda time to waste. I was called to be a light on a hill. What a lovely thought. That YHWH wants to use someone as skewed as me, in order to be a walking testament of His transformative power. Every day I choose to not walk in bondage that someone else might have set forth for me. Not only am I a woman, an unmarried mother, but I am Hispanic on top of that. it’s almost easy to fall into someone’s perfectly cut box of how your life should be lived and what exactly your destiny should look like. As if THEY were God! Guess what? Not today. Not EVUH. I will continue to defy gravity. I will continue to excel. I will continue to succeed. I will continue to be the best damn mother I know how to be. I will continue to love. I will continue to be free. I will continue to preach. I will continue to move in the prophetic. I will continue to listen to the Holy Spirit. I will continue to crush goals. I will continue to pray my way through the warfare. I will continue to slay demons. I will continue to reach lost souls. I will continue to be transparent and unfiltered all the while graciously using wisdom. I will continue to laugh. I will continue to cherish my peace. I will continue to dream dreams that are bigger than life. I will continue to expect and anticipate increase. I will continue to do everything that YHWH as set forth for me. I will continue to unapologetically be the assertive woman of Yah that Christ has called me to me.

Unapologetically Yara.




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  1. You have such deepens in your thoughts and soul and I know God is watching over you. Continue to be who you are because He wants you to be real and unpretentious not fake…love you sweetie❤️❤️❤️❤️

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