Pantry Overhaul

I will come to your house and give you healthy alternatives to all the items in your pantry. Will include stores to find them in with pricing and/or recipes to make certain items yourself.

Grocery Shopping:

*most popular service* Take me shopping with you! I will spend 2-3hours with you reading labels, making healthier decisions, and showing you all that I have learned during my process and transition to a healthier lifestyle.

Plant Based Nutritional Counseling

Have you wanted to become plant-based and don’t know how? Need accountability and encouragement? Let me be on your team and in your corner! It’s not too hard and definitely attainable. Let me help you!  *coming soon* Currently working on certification

Personal Recipe Curation

Tell me your favorite dishes, and I will give you a plant-based recipe for it! Can be purchased in 5 or 10 meal bundles.
5 meals $75 10 meals $125  (will include one snack recipe a day)


I will personally plan your meals for you in order to save time. I focus meals around most items that you currently have in your pantry/fridge to avoid waste. Will include snacks.

Plant Based Kids

My kiddo and I would love to teach your kids simple, easy meals that will have them fall in love with cooking with mama and/or daddy as well as teaching to make healthier decisions. Gotta start em young! *coming soon*
If interested in any of the above services or have any additional questions, please contact me:
So excited to be a part of your bloom!